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In the year 1984, a great event occured in Los Angeles County. The Olympics came to Los Angeles, and the world danced together in harmony and honey sweet goodness. Unfortunately, our story does not begin there, and will never return there either. Two years prior, in 1982, Jonathan Grant Bristow Junior was born to J. Grant Bristow and Joan M. Bristow on Monday, December 27th in the suburban city of Glendale.

Little happened there until two years later, Jonathan got a little brother, and the family decided to move out to West Covina, where, three years after that, Jonathan's sisters were born (both on the same day!). Jonathan attended school at St. Christopher's Parish School, and was promptly labeled "The Smart Kid," and therefore was awarded free heckling, and a lifetime's supply of boredom. In the fifth grade, the school got tired of Jonathan being all uppity and reading things like Hunt for Red October, Jurassic Park, and the Lord of the Rings while doing no work, and still getting straight a's. Jonathan was summarily skipped a grade, and thus never really attended 6th grade. This move marked an important shift in Jonathan's social position. He was moved from the oddball brain who was sort of tolerated, to the oddball brainiac who wasn't tolerated at all.

High School marked an important shift for Jonathan, and in 1996, he attended Damien High School as a freshman. At this all boys school, Jonathan learned that it was more fun to be odd than hip, so he decided to embark upon a campaign to be as odd as possible. In his junior year, he found a solid group of friends and allies among the goths, the geeks, and the nerds.

After High School, Jon moved on to bigger and better things. After a less than spectacular showing in that arena, he attended the University of California, San Diego in La Jolla California. For two years, Jon trudged through the morass of Eleanor Roosevelt College general education requirements, until he reached his darkest hour. Brimming with angst and on-campus cafeteria food, Jon decided to stay the course and complete his Computer Science degree instead of changing to a dual Creative Writing and Drama major.

Currently, Jon has completed his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, and maintains a mild life in suburban San Diego as a webmaster. This mild mannered computer science professional is only a normal everyday engineer.

Or is he?